Twisted Pear Audio does not track usage by customer, we don't use any kind of tracking cookie. We don't do marketing, we don't sell anyones information to anyone.

If you are not a paying customer, we only know anything about you if you create an account and post information in our Support Forum. In that case, we retain what you post, until you ask us to remove it. If you send us email, we probably will store that as well, but will gladly delete old emails if asked (see below).

If you are a paying customer, we store the information PayPal returns to us when you make a purchase: Your name, contact information, and shipping address. Along with that information about you, we also track what you have purchases in the past. All of this stored in a secured database that we control, host at our ISP. We neither process, nor store any bank or credit card detais (all financial details are handled by PayPal, under your user agreement with them). We store this information until you ask us to remove it, or if we decide to delete it.

We do three things with that information:

1) We use it to pack and ship your order.
2) We occasionally look at it when you make more than one order, on the off chance there is advice we might have on what it looks like you are putting together.
3) We use it if your order is lost to try to figure out what happened.

If at any time you would like us to delete this information, please submit your PayPal email address (for purchasing records removal) or your Support Forum UserId (for Support Forum post removal).