Low Current Dual Power Supply (LCDPS)

An adjustable dual C-R-C (Capacitor-Resistor-Capacitor) low-current power supply. Great for use with our digital modules, or any other low-current application (pre-amps, head amps, etc).

The LCDPS module shares the same footprint as the Digital and Analog Linestage modules (3.3"x2") and sports dual bridge rectifiers, six 1000uF low-ESR capacitors, and fully adjustable dual LM317 voltage regulators.

The HO edition of the LCDPS kit increases the available current from 1-amp to 2-amps. This is accomplished by replacing the LM317s with LM350 regulators, and increasing the smoothing caps to 2200uF (13,200uF total), adjusting the power resistor, and increasing the heat-sink size.

Ordering Options
Low Current Dual Power Supply Kit $55.00 USD
Low Current Dual Power Supply HO Kit $60.00 USD
Low Current Dual Power Supply Board $15.50 USD