Centaur High-current Power Supply

  • Single output adjustable supply
  • Based around the robust LM350 linear regulator
  • 15,000uF 50V input smoothing capacitor
  • 2200uF output capacitor
  • Adjustable output, from 1.2V to 33V
  • Delivers up to 2.5A

  • Centaur is a high current single low noise single linear power supply - suitable for B3SEPro or other projects with current demands up to 2.5A. It gets its name from the Centaur rocket motor.

    It has larger input smoothing capactor (15,000uF) and a higher current/lower noise regulator (LM350) than the LCDPS it is designed to replace. It was designed to better cope with the higher current demands of the Buffalo-IIIpro DACs, but can also be used for other projects, such as the Beagel Bone Black ad Raspberry Pi.

    For most applications requiring 3.3-5VDC, we recommend powering the Centaur with a transformer in the 7V to 9V output range, such as our 9V+9V transformer (available here).

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