The Legato 3.1 Discrete Balanced I/V Stage

  • Fully balanced, symmetric operation for ultra-low noise floor
  • Zero global feedback design
  • Hand (and ear) selected components for best sonic performance
  • Balanced and single-ended outputs can be used simultaneously
  • Integrated Ballsie stage is optional and can be left out or simply not powered if not needed
  • Gain of balanced and single-ended outputs can be set independently to match your application
  • All connections by direct or optional (included) terminal blocks

  • The Legato is a fully discrete balanced active I/V line stage with both balanced and single-ended outputs. Designed specifically for use with our Buffalo-II DAC, the inputs of the Legato mount directly below the Buffalo's DAC chip for very short (and equal length) signal paths.

    The kit part selection took many iterations with extensive listening sessions. Wima FKP2 2.5% polypropylene (MKP) filter capacitors provide filtering in the I/V stage. Each stage has local Panasonic FM 100uF decoupling capacitors.

    Optional balanced to single-ended conversion is performed by an integrated Ballsie stage using the supplied National Semiconductor LM4562/LME49720 (a DIP-8 socket is provided for op-amp "rolling"). Gain of the Ballsie section can be independently set for custom level matching between balanced and single-ended gear.

    The Legato requires between one (and up to three) ±15VDC (bipolar) power supplies. Both our linear LCBPS and shunt-regulated Placid BP will work very well. We recommend powering with a 15V+15V transformer (available here).

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    Legato v3.1 Complete Kit $115.00 USD Out of stock
    Legato v3.1 Complete Kit (No Output Buffers) $90.00 USD Out of stock
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    Legato Buffer Parts Set
  • Order the Legato w/o buffers, but want them now?
  • [2] LME49600 Buffers
  • [2] L1 Output Inductors
  • $25.00 USD Out of stock