The IVY III Balanced Linestage

  • Functions as either an I/V stage for current-output DACs or linestage for voltage-output DACs
  • Fully balanced, symmetric operation for ultra-low noise floor
  • Precision components in differential analog filter stages (2.5% capacitors, 0.1% resistors)
  • Customizable input impedance to match the application
  • Balanced and single-ended outputs can be used simultaneously
  • Ballsie stage is optional and can be left out or simply not powered if not needed
  • Gain of single-ended outputs can be set independently of balanced outputs to match your application
  • Designed specifically for our line of DACs
  • All connections by direct or optional (included) terminal blocks

  • IVY-III is a balanced active I/V line stage with optional filtering and both balanced and single-ended outputs. I/V conversion is performed by a pair of Burr-Brown fully-differantial OPA1632 op-amps, and balanced to single-ended conversion by a National Semiconductor LM4562/LME49720. All op-amps are surface mount (SOIC) and come pre-installed (unless you note otherwise).

    Wima FKP2 polypropylene (MKP) filter capacitors provide low pass filtering in the I/V stage. Each stage has local Nichicon 100uF KW and Wima 0.1uF MKP2 polypropylene decoupling and bypass capacitors.

    IVY-III requires between one (and up to three) ±12-15VDC (bipolar) power supplies. Both our linear LCBPS and shunt-regulated Placid HD BP will work very well. We recommend the Placid HD BP set for ±15VDC for best performance, powered by a 15V+15V transformer (available here).

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