The Metronome ASRC Module

The Metronome module consists of a Texas Instruments SRC4192 Asynchronous Sample Rate Converter chip (ASRC) and a Crystek high-precision oscillator (24.576MHz, 25ppm).

With one I2S input and one I2S output, the fully configurable ASRC allows you to shift the input sample rate to a higher or lower output sample rate. Combined with the precision on board oscillator, the Metronome will practiaclly eliminate digital jitter of the I2S data stream. Configuration is done via the on-board dip switches, or by remote switches using the provided pads.

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Metronome ASRC Module with 24.576MHz Crystek (Assembled and Tested) $75.00 USD Out of stock
Metronome Board (no parts) $14.00 USD Out of stock