S/PDIF 4:1 MUX/Receiver Module

The CS8416 4:1 S/PDIF Receiver/MUX module is based around the Cirrus Logic CS8416 S/PDIF receiver chip.

This module provides a four transformer-coupled S/PDIF inputs (one of which optionally supports balanced AES), a transformer-coupled S/PDIF output, and an I2S output.

A four-pin header controls input selection with either a simple mechanical switch (included) or digitally with simple logic or a microcontroller (our Audio Controller 1 will provide this functionality).

This module requires a 5-12VDC power supply, such as our LCDPS.

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Individual Modules
S/PDIF (CS8416) Receiver/MUX Module(Assembled and Tested) $129.00 USD Out of stock
S/PDIF (CS8416) Receiver/MUX Board (no parts) $14.00 USD Out of stock