Cronus Reclocking

Cronus is a module designed for providing clocks to and re-clocking output from digital sources. Cronus forms the backbone for audio sources build around 2 other modules - Hermes and Rhea.

Cronus provides the following:

  • An ultra low noise low impedance power supply for clocks.
  • A clock selection multiplexer to switch between 44.1 and 48Khz time bases
  • A selectable/bypassable ultra low phase noise clock divider to supply 1:2 or 1:4 clocks to a source
  • A synchronous reclocker that re-clocks the audio from the source back to the master clock; this brings all signals back into alignment with the actual master clock
  • Pads for pluggable clock sockets based on standard DIP(8 and 14) clock - See Rhea thread for more details
  • An interface for connection to our isolation modules for various sources - See Hermes threads for more details
  • NEW: Buffered Master Clock output for driving multiple targets
  • Interfaces for connecting to B3/B3SE and any other PCM/DSD DAC
  • uFL connectors for external clock signals (both in or out, SMA connectors optional)
  • uFL connectors for PCM/DSD outputs

  • Rhea is a DIP8/14 compatible clock board with local bypasses for virtually all SMT clock types. Rhea modules utilize Crystek CCHD-957 Ultra-low phase noise oscillators.

    Hermes modules provide isolation for various sources, and an interface to the Cronus module.

  • Hermes-BBB interfaces with the BeagleBoneBlack single board computer.
  • Hermes-RPi interfaces with the Raspberry Pi single board computer (GitHub).
  • Hermes-AmaneroUSB interfaces with the Amenero USB receiver module.

  • Power Specs
    VIN(Recommended) 5.0 VDC
    VIN(Max) 8 VDC

    Ordering Options
    Individual Modules (SMD Assembled)
    Cronus Re-clocking Module (no clocks) $65.00 USD
    Hermes-BBB Isolator Module $55.00 USD Out of stock
    Hermes-RPi Isolator Module $45.00 USD Out of stock
    Hermes-AmaneroUSB Isolator Module $29.00 USD Out of stock
    Amanero Combo384 Module USB Module $89.00 USD
    45.1584MHz Rhea Module $35.00 USD
    49.152MHz Rhea Module $35.00 USD
    22.5792MHz Rhea Module $35.00 USD
    24.5760MHz Rhea Module $35.00 USD
    Cronus/Rhea Combinations
    Cronus Re-clocking Module with 45.1584/49.152MHz Rhea Pair $135.00 USD
    Cronus Re-clocking Module with 22.5792/24.5760MHz Rhea Pair $135.00 USD
    Bare Boards
    Rhea Board (pins installed, no XO) $8.50 USD
    Hermes-BBB Isolator Board (no parts)
  • Parts List
  • $16.00 USD