The OTTO-II 2:1 Digital Switch Module

The OTTO-II Digital Switching module is a simple 4-channel 2:1 switch which allows you to connect and switch between two digital data lines (I2S, DSD, S/PDIF, etc) to a single digital input out output. Typically it wil be used to select between two digital sources and a single DAC, but could also be used to, say, select a DAC from a single digital source.

Switching is triggered digitally, or by using a simple switch (not included in the kit). Simply connect the S pad to V+ or GND. The OE connection allows the entire switch to be enabled or disabled, but it will typically be tied to GND (enabled). DC power for the module can be anything from 4 to 5.5V.

All channels can optionally use direct wiring, terminal blocks (included), 0.1" headers (not included), or U.FL coaxial connectors (available below).

U.FL connectors can be pre-mounted for no additional fee. Select the configuration required below (consult board image above).

Ordering Options
OTTO-II 2:1 Digital Switch Kit $30.00 USD
4-Pack of Gold Hirose U.FL Connectors (unmounted) $6.00 USD
4 Gold Hirose U.FL Connectors mounted on A (common) $6.00 USD
4 Gold Hirose U.FL Connectors mounted on B1 $6.00 USD
4 Gold Hirose U.FL Connectors mounted on B2 $6.00 USD